Receiving help in the comfort of your home makes so much sense. Not only does it mean less effort for you, it also gives us valuable insight for addressing your needs. Visits typically take 1.5 hours, with additional time easily scheduled if needed.

Support comes in many forms and completely depends on your unique situation. The following are some of the services we offer to help with both your prenatal and postnatal delivery needs.


Before the baby comes, expectant mothers typically enter the “questions, questions, questions” phase. We recommend scheduling a visit towards the beginning of your third trimester. For the initial visit, we will go over the basics and address any of your last-minute concerns. Some common questions include what to expect, breast care, bra needs, pump information, herbal supplements, support groups, and basic how-to tips.

In addition to one-on-one consultations, we can also offer a customized Breastfeeding 101 class at your home that answers all of these questions and more. This is a popular option for mothers who have family or friends who would also benefit from the training.

Of course, breastfeeding success goes beyond getting the facts, it also involves creating the environment to practice and build your confidence. Whether you’re expecting your first child or have previously experienced nursing challenges, a prenatal consultation or class will give you valuable confidence and skills for welcoming your new baby.


Just discharged from the hospital? This is usually the time that we get THE phone call. Whatever your concern, we can help. You can expect us to partner with you to overcome any issues that you might be having, and that means creating a care plan that addresses your particular needs. The end result should leave you feeling supported, empowered and encouraged.

Home/Hospital Births

Even though we are trained doulas, our primary focus is on breastfeeding, especially initial latching and early mother-child bonding. This is the most important time for baby and mom to ensure proper latching and colostrum/milk transfer, which establishes a healthy milk supply, as well as prevents tissue damage, excessive weight loss or rising jaundice levels. For home births, we can be on call to assist with initial latching and proper technique. With hospital births, the resident consultants will most likely see you. When you get home and need additional support, we can pick up from there to provide any assistance you need.