It can be very daunting to ask for help from someone who you don’t know, especially for something as special and intimate as nursing your child. Starting a relationship with any lactation consultant will involve a leap of faith at some level, which is why we’ve included the testimonials below from women we’ve had the privilege of helping.

"I spent the first day of my son's life in a total panic because I couldn't figure out how to breastfeed properly. I called Sheridan Ross, and she showed up at 8am the next morning, and completely saved the day. Sheridan's combination of competence, patience, kindness and humor was exactly what I needed in those early hours. She worked with me, step by step, to learn proper positioning, latching technique, etc. By the time she left, I was a confident breastfeeding mamma. Within a week, my baby had gained all his birth weight back plus an additional pound! In the weeks that followed, Sheridan was available 24/7 as we continued to work with plugged milked ducts, gassy baby bellies, and a host of other issues and questions. My baby is a champion nurser who is thriving, and I believe Sheridan takes a lot of credit for this success. I cannot recommend her highly enough to mothers who just need help with the basics, or to those who are experiencing real challenges." – From LD
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Sheridan. I was a crazy, emotional, milk-leaking mess when I (literally) came crying to her doorstep just 1 week after giving birth to my daughter. This was my first baby, and I was more terrified of breastfeeding than I was of delivering my baby." – From GP
"Since so many of us are going for a second round, thought I'd pass this along... Sheridan was my doula for my home birth with my son and is a great friend and support to me still. We no longer have to trek to Burlingame or Palo Alto for breastfeeding advice – she's right here... and she is GREAT (Super helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, well, you get the picture :) HIGHLY recommended." – From MA
"Hi Sheridan! A huge (but belated!) thank you for your visit the other day! I appreciate your support in getting Olin set with nursing! It continues to go well... although I cannot believe how much that kid eats! Seriously, thanks to that timer on the iPod I can tell you that I have been nursing for about 4 hours a day! He was 3 oz shy of his 8 lbs 4 oz birth weight at his 2-week appointment – all is well and he is thriving. Thanks again for your support before and after his arrival – it has been great!" – From KM
"I recommend Baby Sips because Sheridan is a wonderful person and you couldn't ask for a more compassionate woman to support you." – From LR
"Sheridan is amazing! I have breast fed three children and met with many different lactation consultants and nurses throughout that time but not one of them could hold a candle to the care, clear communication, expert knowledge, and understanding I received from Sheridan. She is someone who immediately makes you feel comfortable and supported. Although I had nursed my first two children for a year each and felt that I was a lactating machine, I found that I had many issues arise with my third child that made breastfeeding challenging. Thank goodness Sheridan was there to help me with all of them. (My daughter had a weird latch, I suffered repeatedly from blocked ducts, and I also struggled with pumping/supply issues.) Her knowledge of techniques, natural cures, and herbal remedies really saved me. She understood how important it was for me to nurse while keeping up with my other two children and helped me find solutions that worked for me. I think the way that Baby Sips will come to you is brilliant and exactly what all new mothers need. I recommend Baby Sips and Sheridan Ross to all my friends and family who are pregnant or nursing." – From MC
"Baby Sips was a HUGE help as I was planning my return to work. Sheridan is compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough. I've seen three lactation consultants, and Baby Sips stands out because of the depth of information, applicability of advice, and documentation sent to me in follow-up (incl. super-useful guide for nanny of how to do bottled breast milk). I'm happy to say that almost five months into bringing my baby home, she's grown and thrived exclusively off my breast milk. Victory!!" - From RMB
"Right after birth, my baby and I had trouble getting him to latch. I had numerous professionals trying to help to no avail; then my pediatrician recommended Sheridan. I called her, the day before Thanksgiving, and she graciously came to my home that evening, when my son was 1 day old. Sheridan's calm, compassionate, and patient nature helped put me at ease and helped my baby successfully latch for the first time! I feel so fortunate to have had Sheridan as part of my postpartum support, she made such a crucial difference for my baby and me. Sheridan is truly one of the best, not only is she extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled but she balances this with a warm-hearted caring presence. A blessing to our community!" - From LS
"Sheridan is a compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. She's simply the best!" – From LB